Backyard Adventure Easter Basket Alternative!

Backyard Adventure Easter Basket Alternative!

I’m over all the candy and cheap plastic crap. I want the OPPOSITE this Easter, a kid that gets outside and has an adventure instead of eating chocolate until she pukes (it happened, not on my watch but… it happened).

May I suggest a Backyard Adventure themed basket?


Things you can use as a basket:

  • metal pail (can be used in the future for all kinds of adventures)

  • milk crate (can be used for sifting, carrying, sorting, standing on)

  • small laundry basket (can be used for clean up, carrying)

  • small trash can with a lid (can be used for storing outdoor toys, soil and other ingredients)

Things you can fill the basket with:

  • Tyvek suits

  • A blue tarp (pages 110-111)

  • red yarn (pages 118-119)

  • goggles

  • water balloons (pages page 134-135)

  • gummy worms (get really realistic ones for extra grossness)

  • Glow sticks

  • slingshots & marshmallows (as seen on page 50)

  • plastic sheeting and duct tape (page 127)

  • Shaving cream for the malarkey on page

  • some plastic bugs and spiders

And instead of plastic easter grass, I suggest CHEESE BALLS! Why? They are fun to eat, throw, step on, plant, compost, melt and let the dog clean up after you.


Of course, most importantly you add a copy of Backyard Adventure, in a gallon ziplock bag, so it can be left outside whenever.


EGGS: Stuff plastic eggs from last year with loose change, pipe cleaners, giant rubber bands, sidewalk chalk, finger paint and marbles.

Lots of this stuff can be purchased locally and for a few dollars. I will now spam you with affiliate links for ALLLLL of the above.

Because nothing says “self-care’ like ordering your Easter basket via Prime.

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