How to Make Seed-O Torpedos!

How to Make Seed-O Torpedos!

Or you COULD call them seed bombs.

Seed bombs are the BEST kind of sensory play! They are easy to make, fun and squishy, and made from stuff laying around the house. They will “melt” the next time it rains (or the time after that), releasing seeds that will (hopefully) bring some flowers to the spot you tossed it in. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Rip up some old newspapers

  2. Whizz the paper and some warm water up in a blender

  3. Pour that goo into a large bowl

  4. Make a small bowl of the seeds you’re going to add to the Seedo Torpeedos. You can add the seeds directly to the mix but they tend to all sit at the bottom and not get mixed in.

  5. Take a handful of the goo, squeeze it lightly in one hand, letting the extra moisture dribble off

  6. Flatten the goo slightly to that it’s covering most of your palm

  7. With your dry hand, grab a few seeds to drop in the middle of the flattened goo

  8. Now crunch your hand together so that you seal the seeds inside the middle of a badly shaped ball of goo in your hand

  9. Don’t squeeze too hard or it will never melt when it rains, but do try to get as much moisture out as you can

  10. Round it out a little

  11. Drop it onto a plate or tray and keep it someplace cool and dark for about 2 days (if you keep it somewhere warm and sunny, it will sprout!)

You can make a ton of these and have a Seedo Torpeedo fight! If you drop food coloring in the goo, and make different batches for each player, you can tell who pummeled who in your battle to plant flowers all over your yard!

We used Milkweed in the video. Here are some other seeds that work well in Seedo Torpeedoes:

  • Sunflowers

  • Poppies

  • Zinnia

  • Cosmos

  • Lettuce

  • Bachelor's Button

  • Nigella

THIS idea and soooooo much more come from my new book, Backyard Adventure. You should get it, you’d totally like it.

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