25 Garden Supplies You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store

25 Garden Supplies You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn't have to be. Buying some of my supplies at the dollar store frees me up to spend more money on plants! Here's a list of my favorites. 


1 & 2. Clear Plastic Bowls &  Shot Glasses- You can make 4 garden cloches for $3!  Protect early season seedlings and tender new shoots from a light frost with an old-fashioned cloche (made in a new-fashioned way!). Just use superglue to stick a shot glass on top of a bowl and you’re good. 


3. Produce Wash Station- Make a 2 or even 3-step rinse wash station with a basket/bucket combo. The first bucket has a drop of dish soap and the second (and third, if you choose) does not. Put your fresh picked food in a basket and dunk and rinse before it even goes into the house. This is especially effective for lettuce/greens. Spin and shake to dry. 

4. Wastepaper Baskets- Make a small but effective protective barrier over your most bunnilicious crops by making a cloche using a wastepaper basket and rope. Here's how I did it: I dropped a very heavy tape measurer in the basket to dome it out a little. Then I spray painted it silver (any color will do!) and tied on the jute handle. The fancy/for real version of this costs about $25. 


5. Solar Path Lights- There are a million things you can do with these little solar path lights, you can see some here (some of them are mega questionable). I like to add them to containers for no particular reason. 


6. Gloves- I don’t often wear gloves in the garden and when I do, I like fancy or specialized ones. But sometimes I like to keep a pair tucked around here and there just in case and the dollar store ones are perfect for that. 


7. Oasis- Need oasis for a floral centerpiece or winter interest thingie? Just get it here

8. Metal Wreath forms- You can make a wreath out of anything (winter greens, balloons, flip flops and beets) the forms are usually pricey for what they are. If you like to make wreaths, you should just stock up when you see them here


9. Laundry Baskets- Use them for supply storage, upside down as rabbit protection, lined with straw or burlap as a potato planter


10. Dish Soap- If you liked #3, it makes sense to just pick up soap at the same time... right? 


11. Spray Bottles- For anything you like to spray all over the place. I use them for misting my indoor plants. 


12. Clothes Pins- I use these for seed packets and as plant markers but I’m pretty sure there’s a million other uses


13. Ice Cube Trays- I drill holes in the bottom of each “cube” and use them as seed starting trays. Just add soil!


14. Plastic Laundry Line: Great for when you're setting out your rows for vegetables, tying up grasses to cut them back or setting up a little "do not enter" rope around your beds. 


15. Tarps- I like to use small tarps to throw weeds and yard debris on, then I can just pull it to haul the stuff off! Very good at killing of turf in an area if you pin it down with landscaping staples. Also: frost cover, temporary shade sail, drop cloth for painting

16. Zipties- Use them for holding fencing together, for tying up climbing roses or as an alternative to the line in a string trimmer

17. Pinwheels- Use in gardens to scare away animals or in pots to provide whimsy

pool noodle wreath.jpg

18. Pool Noodles- Protect yourself from sharp edges, make a wreath or duct tape it to a hose and poke holes in it to have a very silly way to water. 


19. Mesh Laundry Bag- Collect herbs for drying or plants for seed saving, just make sure there's plenty of air flow or you'll have a mesh bag of mold


20. Plastic Baskets and Handled Buckets- Use as garden trugs for collecting pulled weeds or your harvest

21. Clear Plastic Saucers- These go INSIDE your pot and this indoor plant sits inside. Then you just dress the top with moss

22. Kraft Paper- Use as a biodegradable weed barrier if you sdon't have any newspaper around. 


23. Jute Twine- If you want to ties some stuff together and make it look cute, here's your thing


24. Buckets- These are great for compost collection, watering and mixing small batches of cement in


25.Crappy Plastic Flower Pots- I don't actually sanction the use of these pots without extra decoration, so glue seashells or let the kids paint them or.. something. Also, they are on the small side to keep anything alive. Anyway, it's here for you to consider!

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