The Bad Seeds Club

Do you want a garden but are daunted by the bullshit?
Don’t know where to start and The Pinterest Perfect images aren’t helping?
Are you concerned you need a long floral dress (or a fly fishing vest) and a big floppy hat to garden?
You don't feel like gardening culture includes you, because you're kind of a badass?
Are you already so busy that you can’t even?
Does “Cookie Cutter” not work at all for you?
Do you need encouragement and a badass gardening friend in your corner?
Do you have limited funds?
Do you care more about birds, butterflies, dogs and kids than your neighbors?
Do you have the confidence to let your freak flag fly, in the garden and otherwise?
Do you seek flow?
Are you stubborn?
Do you hate being told what to do?
Do you want to be more self-sufficient?
Keep things out of landfills?
Would having an outlet for creativity/anger make you a better person/partner/parent?
Do you hate the Patriarchy?

The Badass Gardeners Club (The No-Bullshit Approach to a Bitchin’ Backyard) is a series of 12 classes (one a month for a year), each building on the one before. Each class is presented with a cubic yard of humor, occasional swearing, practical advice from an industry professional, completely affordable how-to projects, absolutely no bullshit and a dash of feminism for good measure. At the end of each class, there will be an opportunity to earn a Badass Gardener Merit Badge that will be mailed to you. You can collect them all.
The courses come with membership to The Badass Gardeners Club Facebook group (available only to course participants) and weekly available office hours with me (Amanda Thomsen of Kiss My Aster) as well as occasional guest Troubleshooters.