About Me...

Big, loud and fun- I have been gardening since I could walk and I've worked in the garden and landscaping industry since just after that. I have "written" this blog for almost 12 years, if you can call this writing.
For a few years, I  blogged for Horticulture magazine's website, then I moved on to a stint at Fine Gardening magazine.

Currently I have a monthly column at Green Profit magazine which enables me to get to a speak to people in the garden center and nursery industry and help them not get too fuddy-duddy, have fun at work and hurl themselves at Generations X,Y and Z.

I am also the less popular half of the podcasting team, Good Enough Gardening, which makes me feel like the "Roy" of Siegfried and Roy, but without the mauling.  We don't actually make podcasts anymore, but they are still relevant, funny and available on iTunes.

I live in Chicago with my family in a pup tent in the parking lot of the Chicago Botanic Garden and I do not EVER put ketchup on hot dogs.

Most importantly, I wrote a book (for real this time) and it is really rad. And I hate everything. You can find it here.